Take Pride in the Stars and Stripes

Take Pride in the Stars and Stripes

Decorate your home with a custom wood American flag

Looking for a breathtaking, handmade American flag for your outdoor living area? Need a gift for a veteran? Our local woodworking shop can help. Landry's Custom Woodworking makes handcrafted American flags that are sure to enhance the appearance of any home or business. They're perfect for decorating patios, outdoor kitchens and lobbies.

Our flags are 3D, meaning we carve the wood in a way that gives the appearance of a flag waving in the wind. If you need to add a personal message or a shiny epoxy finish to your flag, our expert woodworker can make it happen. You can trust us to craft an American flag that will look exactly like you want.

Take a look at our gallery below for pricing and designs.

Quality wood flags you won't find anywhere else

Trust Landry's Custom Woodworking to craft your unique American flag. All of our American flags are:

Carved by hand
Painted by hand
Made from quality wood
Finished with gloss or epoxy finishes

Call 337-526-5712 today to get the handcrafted American flag you've been searching for.

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